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Agarwood Oil (Aetoxylon oil)

Our Agarwood oil is extracted by steam distillation from Aquillaria Filaria. The part used is inner wood. Agarwood is known in traditional East Asian medicine to promote the flow of qi, relieve pain, arrest vomiting by warming the stomach, and to relieve asthma. Agarwood is also used used to treat jaundice, body pains, complex ointment for smallpox and for various abdominal complaints. Agarwood is also prescribed for dropsy, as a carminative, a stimulant, for heart palpitations and as a tonic.

Agarwood contained nootkatane (e.g.kusunol,jinkoh-eremol),spirovetivane (e.g.agarospirol) and tricyclic (+) prezizane (e.g.jinkohol,jinkohol II) type sequiterpenes. There are also four compounds possessed intense odours (agarospirol,kusunol,jinkohol & jinkohol II) and believed to be the source of the fragrance of Agarwood.